Talemetry® maximizes your Agency performance

Talemetry Agency helps manage your agency relationships and the candidates agencies submit alongside all your other talent sources. With all parties leveraging the same staffing agency software system, communication is streamlined, control is centralized, results are tracked, and commissions for duplicate candidates become a thing of the past.

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Centrally manage and track communications with external recruiters from one place

External recruiters submit candidates through a dedicated agency portal so you eliminate miscommunications and easily track activities.

Effectively monitor, manage, and optimize external vendor spending

Track the actions of your staffing agencies and recruiting vendors with multiple contracts, set controls, and measure results to optimize external recruiter budgets.

Easily request, accept, and reject submissions from any or all of your external recruiters

With all your vendors using the Talemetry Agency module, it’s easy to engage the right recruiters for available positions. Talemetry automatically flags candidates that are already in your system to avoid paying duplicate commissions.



View external agency performance alongside all your other candidate sources

Talemetry’s visual analytics track staffing agency performance alongside all your other recruitment marketing sources giving you an easy view of how your external recruiters stack up.

  • Improve agency performance

    Centrally manage and control costs and get visibility into performance for all external recruiting agencies.

  • Control spending

    Ensure compliance with corporate purchasing policies by utilizing only pre-approved agencies.

  • Reduce waste

    Avoid paying duplicate commissions by eliminating paying for candidates already in your ATS or talent pools.

  • Increase recruiter productivity

    Increase recruiter productivity by streamlining and tracking all communications with external agency recruiters.

  • Improve candidate experience

    Improve the candidate experience and avoid confusion by coordinating communications between internal and external recruiters.

  • Boost efficiency

    Reduce administration costs with external agencies by providing dedicated agency portals for each agency to submit and track candidate status.