Engaging mobile friendly career sites enhance employer brand

Easily create the best career sites. Talemetry’s® Career Sites module gives you a simple CMS (Content Management System) allowing you to quickly and easily create unlimited targeted career sites that showcase your employer brand, deliver rich content, and mobile/social friendly candidate experiences. No IT support required.

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Maintain web, mobile, and social network-enabled career sites from a single interface

A simple Content Management Systems lets you easily deploy and maintain multiple different career sites. This enables you to better target specific job types with relevant content and messaging. And it’s all optimized for mobile devices with embedded social sharing.



Automatically create a Facebook career site that’s synchronized with your corporate career site

Talemetry Career Sites can automatically build and maintain your Facebook careers page with no additional effort required, enhancing the candidate experience. Ensure you have a dynamic presence on the largest global social media site.

Deploy multiple, targeted career sites

Easily create career sites with relevant content for specific candidate groups, recruiting events, or email campaigns.

Get more candidates with search engine optimized career sites and job listings

Talemetry Career Sites module automatically optimizes career pages and job listings for search engine ranking, bringing in more traffic from web searches.

Automatically pull jobs from your ATS with smart job feeds

Each Career Site can leverage user-defined smart job feeds from your ATS based on target candidates.

Centrally deploy dynamic content for rich candidate experiences across multiple career sites

Easily leverage dynamic content across multiple career sites from one interface, providing better candidate experiences and saving time deploying and updating in multiple places.

Support and encourage employee referrals with employee-focused career sites

Targeted employee referral career sites centralize all employee-submitted candidates in one place making it easy to encourage and track one of the best sources for new hires.

Get higher application rates with targeted landing pages for job ads and email campaigns

Quickly create targeted career sites for individual email campaigns or job ads, providing a more cohesive experience for candidates and boosting conversion rates.

Encourage passive candidates to join your talent network without applying for a job

Get more passive candidates by encouraging them to opt-in to your talent network so you can capture passive candidates even though you may not have a specific open job.

  • Verizon Career Site

    The world's largest mobile provider uses Talemetry Career Sites and Apply to engage mobile and desktop visitors and enhance their employer brand.

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  • Royal Bank of Scotland Career Site

    Royal Bank of Scotland uses Career Sites and Apply for easy online applications and multiple targeted destinations for different candidate segments.

    View the Site
  • JC Penney Career Site

    Retail giant JC Penney uses Career Sites and Apply to enhance their employer brand, increase conversion rates and deliver relevant content to different candidate segments.

    View the Site
  • Lower cost per candidate

    Reduce the cost per applicant by converting more candidate traffic to applicants through career sites targeted at specific candidate groups

  • Maximize employer brand

    Increase your employer brand value with engaging, branded sites and content that showcase you as an employer of choice.

  • Free up IT resources

    Reduce IT support costs by allowing non-technical staff to create and manage career sites and content.

  • Engage candidates

    Improve the candidate experience with relevant and easily updated content on your own website and automatically created social media job pages.

  • Get more candidates

    Reduce cost per candidate by creating mobile-enabled and search engine optimized sites to drive more traffic without increasing budgets.

  • Increase event ROI

    Increase ROI on your career fairs and recruiting events with easily created customer career sites that are mobile and social enabled.