Go from reactive to proactive candidate sourcing

Talemetry® Source & CRM combines your internal and external candidate sources into a single, easily searchable interface. Our candidate relationship management module provides modern recruitment marketing tools to organize and campaign candidates for current and future positions. And Talemetry’s visual analytics give you detailed information about the effectiveness of everything from candidate sources to individual email campaigns.

Let Talemetry Source Candidates for You – 24/7

With Talemetry’s new Auto-Search feature, just tell Talemetry what kinds of candidates you’re looking for and Talemetry will regularly and automatically search all your talent sources for candidates and add them to current jobs or pipelines for future hiring.

Search hundreds of millions of candidates in seconds

Your ATS, external databases, and the open web all act as one massive but easily searchable portal to talent. Ultra powerful, yet amazingly simple search tools let anyone pinpoint talent and track the effectiveness of each source.

Instantly locate talent from all your sources

New! Live Source gives you real-time visibility into which resume databases have the talent you’re looking for.  Drill down, view and pull them into your talent pool for easy engagment.

Easily engage candidates with automatic targeted email campaigns

Campaign to your targeted talent with branded, mobile friendly emails and track the effectiveness from open to click to hire. Send automatic emails based on talent pipleline membership or schedule emails at specific times. From specialized targeted hiring to mass campaigns for volume hiring, Source & CRM supports any hiring needs.

Fill future demand with proprietary talent pipelines

Easily find and organize good candidates into high-value, proprietary talent pipelines, reducing reliance on paid sources. Execute targeted email campaigns to keep them warm and engaged with your organization.

Allow interested candidates to opt-in to your Talent Network

Attract passive job seekers by letting candidates opt-in to your talent networks from your career site when they don’t find an appropriate opening or prefer not to apply directly.

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Get a “360 degree candidate” view with assignable recruiting stages

Talemetry combines multiple resume versions and social profiles from multiple sources into a single consolidated candidate profile so you can see each candidate from different angles. Plus, assignable sourcing stages ensure recruiting activities are fully tracked.

Deliver a great candidate experience with personalized, consistent relationship management tools

Delight candidates with regular, targeted communications. From stunning branded emails to interesting company news to personalized notifications for hot jobs, you’ll surpass candidate expectations.

Comply with OFCCP regulations with tracked and saved searches

Source & CRM tracks and saves searches so you’re covered in the event of an OFCCP audit. Easy and automatic access to multiple sourcing channels minimizes potential claims of bias in searching passive candidates.

Get visual insight into source and candidate engagement effectiveness

Ever present analytics give you quick insight into your most effective candidate sources, and which email campaigns motivated candidates to open, click, and apply.

Optimize recruiting and candidate sourcing performance

Centrally manage sourcing vendors based on individual contracts to maximize utilization and control costs. Monitor and improve recruiter performance with performance-based metrics.

  • Build private talent pools

    Create your own high-value centralized and private talent pools and optimize the utilization of subscriptions to external candidate databases.

  • Reduced reliance on advertising

    Optimize your candidate sourcing budget by first searching your talent pool before spending on additional job posts or advertising.

  • Maximize value of past applicants

    Reduce your "cost per hire” by unlocking the value of past applicants and alumni “trapped" in your talent management/ATS system

  • Decrease time to fill

    Reduce the "time to hire” by building and nurturing talent pipelines to quickly identify top talent as positions open up.

  • Reinforce employer brand

    Improve the candidate experience with efficient and centrally tracked communications with all candidates.

  • Increased productivity

    Increase recruiting productivity by using one unified platform for all sourcing and candidate engagement activities.