The CandEs Shop Talk Podcast

Talemetry’s founder and CEO, Jade Bourelle, talks candidate experience and recruiting technology with Talent Board’s Kevin W. Grossman in the CandEs Shop Talk podcasts

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Webinar: Step Into the Future

Learn six innovative practices to take the lead in recruitment marketing from Madeline Laurano, Aptitude Research Partners

Webinar: Create Employee Stories to Improve the Candidate Experience

Learn how create effective employee stories reinforcing your employer brand and create a positive candidate experience

Webinar: Rethinking Recruitment Marketing and the Candidate Experience

Get actionable insights from Appcast and Talemetry to improve your recruitment process from source to hire

CDW Success Story

With aggressive hiring plans, CDW partnered with Talemetry to be up and running on a new recruitment marketing platform in just 12 weeks, reaching a 72% email open rate, outperforming competition for talent in the industry

Webinar: Modern Recruitment is Modern Marketing

Learn top recruitment marketing best practices for high volume hiring from Cameron Laker, CEO and Co-Founder of Mindfield

Volume and Seasonal Hiring Success Story

This national retailer was able to generate 94,000 hires in the CRM, receive 31,000 applications from email campaigns, and make 18,000 job offers with only a 1% fail rate on background checks in one day.

Webinar: Recruiting in Wild and Crazy Times

Join Pamela Stroko, VP, HCM Transformation & Thought Leadership at Oracle Corporation and explore creative ideas for how to find talent in today’s competitive market.

Evolve the Effectiveness of Your Recruitment Marketing

Webinar featuring George LaRocque of HRWins. Learn about the critical framework for evaluating, evolving, and improving your recruitment function.

Impact Diversity Hiring with Modern Recruitment Marketing

See our webinar panel discussion with industry experts as we discuss what recruitment marketing strategies are most effective at attracting diverse candidates

How to Attract More Diverse Candidates

Nine strategies to attract more diverse candidates to your organization