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The Future of Social Recruiting: Content Marketing

Just like in traditional marketing, story telling and educating are the best ways to engage candidates.

The Decline of Organic Social Recruiting Reach

Social recruiting is changing, here’s an overview of how your content is displayed by each major social media outlet

Diversity Hiring Using a Recruitment Marketing Platform

Diversity hiring and recruitment marketing platforms are hot topics these days, but at first glance, they seem to be fairly unrelated

Use Job Distribution to Control Job Board Aggregators

Most organizations neglect to strategically account for job board aggregators. Treat your free boards like you treat your paid job board placements.

Automated Recruiting: A Day in the Life of the Automated Recruiter

Our hero, the automated recruiter, skates through another day and another hire with automated recruiting tools.

What Are Talent Pipelines and How Do They Speed Time to Hire?

Talent pipelines are probably the least understood yet most important element of a truly proactive recruiting strategy.

70 Million Job Board Views and Most Come from

Talemetry clients get a lot of job views. In fact they received over 70 million views in 2015.

Talemetry Clients in the Spotlight at OHUG

Talemetry clients University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and University of Calgary presented their stories of how they leverage Talemetry and Oracle HCM for exceptional recruiting outcomes at OHUG.

What Job Advertising Metrics Are You Measuring?

In the world of candidate attraction (i.e. job ad distribution), the key metrics are pretty standard. This is not an article about new or cutting edge analytics that will help you hone in on KPIs to get your ROI A-OK, ASAP.

How Mature Are Your Candidate Attraction Strategies?

Attracting candidates used to be as simple as advertising on job boards. However, those days are gone as candidate attraction has expanded to include other attraction vehicles.