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Talemetry Clients in the Spotlight at OHUG

Talemetry clients University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and University of Calgary presented their stories of how they leverage Talemetry and Oracle HCM for exceptional recruiting outcomes at OHUG.

What Job Advertising Metrics Are You Measuring?

In the world of candidate attraction (i.e. job ad distribution), the key metrics are pretty standard. This is not an article about new or cutting edge analytics that will help you hone in on KPIs to get your ROI A-OK, ASAP.

How Mature Are Your Candidate Attraction Strategies?

Attracting candidates used to be as simple as advertising on job boards. However, those days are gone as candidate attraction has expanded to include other attraction vehicles.

Job Distribution Strategies: Attracting Diversity

Diversity in the workforce is a good thing. In addition to the obvious benefits of aligning employees with multiple cultural and social experiences around your organizational mission…

Job Boards Don’t Work (Like They Used To)

There is a lot of talk about how ineffective job boards can be these days. The knock on job boards is that they drive unqualified candidates to jobs, they don’t provide metrics

Free Recruitment Marketing Handbook

The Recruitment Marketing Handbook covers employer brand, segmentation, attraction, and beyond to fully map recruitment marketing through the entire recruiting process. Download it free.

How Automated is Your Job Distribution

Recruiters have long known that one key to achieving success in attracting the best candidates is automating the job ad distribution process. Although the technology has been around

Free Webinar: Recruiting Trends and Strategies for 2016

Learn about the 8 trends that will affect how you hire in 2016, along with strategies to make the most of them.

2016 Hiring Trends and Strategies Article

As the year 2016 begins, HR managers, recruiters, and sourcers will find themselves faced with many difficult challenges that are reflected in the following 2016 hiring trends.

How Recruitment Marketing Compares to Traditional Marketing