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Career Sites — The More the Merrier

You have a corporate macrosite, and your Careers page is a microsite that is connected to your corporate website but totally focused on candidates as opposed to customers or prospective customers.

Let Mobile Fix Your Online Job Application Problem

The numbers are very persuasive. There are no two ways about it. Job seekers search for jobs on their mobile phones. There are surveys that say up to 70% of career site traffic is mobile.

Get More Job Search Traffic by Search Engine Optimizing Your Jobs

You can get a lot more job search traffic to your career site by Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) your jobs. But what is SEO? How do you do it? We’ve got answers.

Free Webinar: Benchmarks & Key Practices for Mobile Recruiting

Explore mobile recruiting and how it affects modern talent acquisition. Includes benchmarks from aggregate Talemetry data and key practices

Free Recruitment Marketing Handbook

The Recruitment Marketing Handbook covers employer brand, segmentation, attraction, and beyond to fully map recruitment marketing through the entire recruiting process. Download it free.

How Mature is Your Candidate Experience

Candidate experience is a hot topic these days, but it means different things to different constituencies. While there may be different definitions for the term, we define it as follows:

Free Webinar: Recruiting Trends and Strategies for 2016

Learn about the 8 trends that will affect how you hire in 2016, along with strategies to make the most of them.