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Improve Candidate Quality in Your Oracle ATS with a CRM

Go Beyond Keyword Searching to Get More Value from Your Taleo Database

To get the most value from your powerful Oracle Taleo ATS, recruiters need to work differently to attract great candidates

Take Control of Your LinkedIn Investment

More than 11 million jobs are listed on LinkedIn, making it a great resource for candidates, however you are competing with many other recruiters

The Split Personalities of Candidate Profiles

Many systems overwrite candidate profiles with the latest information, meaning new details and resume data gets replaced. Enter the consolidated profile.

REcruiting, REmarketing, and REtargeting

When it comes to recruiting, remarketing and retargeting are important tools that corporate recruiters are just beginning to become aware of.

Recruitment CRM “Gotchas”

It seems these days that large recruiting organizations are increasingly evaluating or implementing recruitment CRMs (or candidate relationship management)

Candidate Sourcing: LinkedIn and Left Out

LinkedIn is great for candidate sourcing. But it keeps its candidates locked down. And as Recruiter fees increase you should have a long term LinkedIn strategy.

Recruitment CRM is Marketing AND Sales

We know recruitment marketing and recruitment CRM are the hottest topics in recruiting right now. When it comes to recruitment marketing, there’s a strong sales analogy as well.

Talent Network ROI

Talent network ROI, like many recruiting expenditures, can be a bit difficult to express but this article offers three ways to begin.

The Problem with Standalone Recruiting CRM

More and more organizations are moving toward the use of recruiting CRM to increase their pre-applicant talent acquisition effectiveness.