March 8, 2016 | Candidate Experience | Customer Stories

University of Calgary Success Story

THE CLIENT The University of Calgary (UCalgary) has 5,000 employees with 31,000 students across 14 different faculties. Lauded as #12 on the QS worldwide ranking of “Top 100 Universities Under...


The University of Calgary (UCalgary) has 5,000 employees with 31,000 students across 14 different faculties. Lauded as #12 on the QS worldwide ranking of “Top 100 Universities Under 50 Years Old,” it is not resting on its laurels. It has a strategic vision to become a “Top 5 Research University” by its 50th anniversary in 2016.

With their “Eyes High” Top Five vision, UCalgary has important talent needs and a good story to tell prospective candidates.


UCalgary uses PeopleSoft cross-departmentally throughout the University. Though committed to their PeopleSoft system University-wide, there were several barriers to achieving their goals with their PeopleSoft TAM system alone.

  • Search engines and aggregators couldn’t index their jobs
  • Browser incompatibility and lack of a mobile interface proved frustrating for candidates
  • Disparate, non-integrated faculty pages on their career site made brand uniformity and maintenance of job listings time consuming and expensive
  • All metrics stopped once a candidate viewed a job within PeopleSoft, making important traffic analysis impossible


The University of Calgary team searched for a solution that could integrate with PeopleSoft TAM and give them the tools and analytics necessary to refine their approach and meet their hiring goals. They needed a solution that could:

  • Create an engaging, easy to use, mobile friendly career site
  • Ensure their job postings were visible to candidates via search engines and aggregators
  • Support segmented microsites for faculties with consistent branding
  • Provide a view into their recruitment analytics for optimization

After evaluating several solutions, University of Calgary chose the Talemetry recruitment marketing platform, specifically their Career Sites, Apply, and Job Broadcast modules.

“Talemetry met our needs and represented the best mix of flexibility, price effectiveness, and integration,” said Nicole Wheeler, the University’s Manager of Talent Acquisition. “And the fact that they were an Oracle Gold Partner with validated PeopleSoft integration sealed the deal.”


With the Talemetry solution up and running for a full 10 months, UCalgary has seen solid results in terms of increased visibility for their jobs and improved candidate experience. Talemetry’s analytics have given UCalgary crucial insights into the performance of their recruiting efforts.

Candidate Experience

Talemetry’s Career Site module supports the main career site and three faculty microsites and has handled 725,000 visitors and 2.5 million page views. Bounce rates have consistently remained under 25% with the average visitor spending 4½ minutes on the site.

This represents a 500% increase in career site traffic.

With increased exposure, the addition of new easier navigation, resume extraction, and mobile-friendly design, “applicants per job” has increased by 50%. Plus, they are now able to deliver content and jobs, showcasing unique value propositions for each specific faculty.

Talemetry’s Career Site analytics have also revealed 377 additional sites referring candidates to UCalgary resulting in more than 6,500 applicants.

University of Calgary Referral Traffic

University of Calgary’s Referral Traffic

Job Distribution

In the 10 months since launching Talemetry’s Job Broadcast Solution, UCalgary has posted 1,375 jobs to 17 different sources and generated 561,000 views. All without requiring recruiters to view and distribute each job out to their preferred boards.

They have seen the bulk of their extended reach through posts to Indeed and they are able to use their views and conversion rate metrics to adjust and optimize their sources across all of their posting activity.

University of Calgary Job Board Data

University of Calgary’s Job Board Data

“We’re getting a good handle on which sources are performing better in a number of ways,” said Wheeler. “We find we get the most views and candidates through Indeed, for example, while LinkedIn gives us the highest conversion rate from traffic to applicant.”

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