• Drive modern recruiting strategies

    • Drive social/mobile recruiting
    • Support volume/targeted/specialty hiring
    • Implement pipelines/communities/campaigns
    • Expand reach with talent marketing
    • Expand candidate direct sourcing

  • Gain new recruiting efficiencies

    • Implement best practices
    • Unify teams and initiatives
    • Manage compliance
    • Fine-tune recruiting strategies
    • Use real-time analytics to increase efficiency

  • Maximize recruiting ROI

    • Manage vendor costs
    • Increase recruiter performance
    • Optimize the ROI of recruiting channels
    • Increase candidate conversion rates
    • Lower cost per hire

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The Talemetry Difference

Talemetry combines a modern interface and supremely usable recruiting tools with the kind of enterprise scalability and seamless integration that comes from 15 years of experience. We host hundreds of thousands of visitors per day, process millions of candidates per week, and help our clients hire more than a million employees every year.

  • One flexible platform

    Talemetry leverages your existing recruiting system investment and deeply integrates it with a unified modern recruitment marketing platform. Other talent acquisition solutions result in recruiters jumping from system to system. Whether working with an existing or new ATS, Talemetry’s deep integration provides additional capability and real-time views into your recruiting performance.

  • Proven enterprise solution

    Talemetry serves hundreds of the Fortune 1,000 in 25 countries, supporting both complex and simple recruiting environments. We integrate multiple brands and disparate recruiting systems into a single platform, empowering organizations while maximizing their core system investments. With over 80 million candidates processed annually, we understand what it takes to satisfy global recruiting organizations.

  • Hands-on solution partner

    Drawing on over 15 years of recruitment technology experience, we deliver results-based services that ensure successful outcomes. We map desired results with implementation and support plans and follow up with ongoing success audits to give you more than technical support. We adapt to changing needs and evolving best practices with our clients and their vendor ecosystems.

  • Targeted executive, campus, volume, and diversity hiring strategies

  • Implement talent pipelines/communities/campaigns

  • Expand direct candidate sourcing

  • Optimize job ad distribution across free and paid sites

  • Capture search traffic with SEO optimized job listings

  • Enable employee referral programs

  • Leverage mobile traffic and social networks

  • Pinpoint talent pools with specialized career sites

  • Get full view to hire analytics on all sourcing and marketing activities

  • Unify recruiting organizations on one performance driven platform

  • Identify and standardize talent sourcing and marketing best practices

  • Standardize on results-based recruitment training throughout the organization

  • Centrally control and optimize job ads distribution

  • Simplify technology footprint

  • Plan for future job demand

  • Ensure regulatory compliance while sourcing

  • Better Manage Vendor Costs

  • Preserve your investment in existing systems while increasing performance

  • Reduce Cost-Per-Hire

  • Increase free traffic from search engines

  • Easily tap into candidate sources from free databases and other free web sources

  • Eliminate duplicate commissions on agency-submitted candidates

  • Leverage existing candidates locked in internal systems

  • Optimize The ROI of All Recruiting Channels