Take advantage of a huge source of candidates

Mobile recruiting and social enablement runs through the entire Talemetry platform, giving you optimized access to a large and growing pool of talent in each phase of the recruitment marketing and sourcing process.


Get mobile-enabled, responsive design for all candidate-facing content

Emails, web pages, and online applications automatically reconfigure based on the size of the device viewing them. This ensures candidates get the best experience on desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Simplify and enable mobile application processes with social profiles

Mobile candidates can easily use their LinkedIn profiles to apply for jobs when resumes are not available.

Post to social sites from a single interface

Easily post and maintain listings on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ social recruiting pages from a single, integrated system.

  • For Recruiters

    Recruiters get more applicants as all their outreach is backed by mobile and social enabled recruiting tools to tap into a large and ever-growing pool of candidates active on social networks and mobile devices. Social posting is integrated and measured alongside all other sourcing activities from a single interface, saving time and increasing productivity.

  • For Candidates

    Candidates can easily act on job ads or emails from their mobile device allowing them to engage at the point of discovery when the desire is strongest. They form better attachment to your recruiter brand because your candidate experience mirrors the consumer web experiences they are used to seeing online.

  • For the Business

    Organizations can implement new mobile and social recruiting strategies that tap into a huge pool of candidates without throwing away their existing recruiting system investment and disrupting their recruiting operations. They are able to increase applicant flow from mobile/social-enabled sourcing without increasing their recruiting budget.