Real-time metrics dramatically affect recruiting capabilities

Robust, visual recruiting analytics are the foundations of the Talemetry recruitment marketing platform. When individual modules are combined, the value increases with each module introducing new metrics and unveiling a more unified view of your recruiting processes. With all modules implemented, the full platform reveals an unprecedented global view of hiring performance across all your recruitment marketing systems.


Track effectiveness of all recruiting efforts from source through hire

A full Talemetry recruitment marketing platform implementation provides the “Holy Grail” of end-to-end recruitment analytics. You get never-before-available views of activity from source to hire, unifying multiple systems, locations, and brands into a single, global view.

Pinpoint roadblocks within your recruiting process

Easily see where inefficiencies exist in sourcing, engaging, and converting potential applicants to productive employees.

Build a valuable proprietary talent pool

Monitor talent pools to ensure you have enough of the right kind of candidates to meet current and future demands.

Measure and refine candidate sourcing activity

Get new insights into which candidate outreach is yielding the best results. From candidate searches to engagement through email campaigns, you’ll have the recruiting analytics tools to measure and refine your approach.

Better understand recruiter performance within the entire recruiting team

Recruiter/department-based performance metrics for new candidates, candidate engagement, hiring activity, and more are centralized for analysis, benchmarking, and optimization.

Measure and optimize effectiveness of external vendor spending

Quickly view external vendor performance within the context of your entire recruitment sourcing mix.  Understand which agencies provide the most candidates and hires per dollar spent.

Measure and improve candidate engagement

Gain insight into key recruiting metrics like traffic-to-applicant conversion rate, email open and click rate, application drop-off rate and more. Use these metrics to refine and improve your overall candidate experience.

View and audit OFCCP compliance

Understand what percentage of your applicants are coming from diversity job boards. Quickly see how broad or narrow your sourcing mix is for each position and run easy reports that track search history for OFCCP audits.

Per module analytics provide expanding visibility with each module implemented

Individual modules come with their own point solution analytics that expand with additional modules. Each additional module expands the number of recruiting metrics while revealing new views integrating metrics across modules.

  • For Recruiters

    Recruiters get instant feedback on the success of their efforts and can tailor their tactics based on constantly updated, actionable data.

  • For Candidates

    Candidates benefit with better interactions, easier processes, and better brand experiences as organizations put new practices in place based on Talemetry analytics data.

  • For the Business

    Organizations can now refine strategies and operational approaches based on unprecedented global insight to their hiring effectiveness. Talent shortages are minimized, employer brand is measured and enhanced, while applicant flow increases without increasing spending.