Hands-on support for full utilization and maximum benefit

A dedicated Talemetry services team works with your organization to provide a comprehensive range of planning, implementation, and support services on a fixed fee basis regardless of how many modules you implement.


Align services with your business goals

Our implementation process aligns your business goals with the priorities of the project to deliver maximum ROI and a seamless transition.

Document your processes

Project managers and specialists work to ensure your processes are fully documented and integrated into the implementation.

Provide flexible configuration

Your implementation team can make significant configuration options available for you post implementation. We document desired outcomes and ensure you have the ability to adjust these settings on the fly should your business need change.

Perform crucial ATS integration 

A critical differentiator for Talemetry is a seamless integration with your ATS. Your team will connect Talemetry to any ATS, providing highly specialized integrations available for the major vendors in the space.

Prioritize and activate vendors

Talemetry works with you to prioritize which vendors you use for postings, searching, social networks, and more. We have prebuilt connections to the most common job boards and a simple process for bringing new vendors on board at a fixed rate.

Comprehensive training and deployment resources

Your Talemetry project team provides comprehensive training on your configuration and how it should be used in your environment. You’ll also get comprehensive self-help tools, guides, videos, and FAQs for self directed learning.

Rigorous post implementation services

Clients can get additional training, vendor activations, business process mapping, and support, as well as additional ATS change support for upgrades and changes within their applicant tracking systems.

Regular best practice success audits

Ongoing success audits provide quarterly analysis of metrics against goals, along with benchmark data and best practice recommendations for evolving processes.

  • Faster Productivity

    Recruiters become productive faster as deployments arrive with fully integrated and logical configurations. Ongoing support materials help ensure wide adoption.

  • Delighted Candidates

    Successful implementation services help ensure there are no hiccups as your most valuable assets, your potential candidates, interact with the system.

  • Maximum ROI

    So many technology deployments result in delays, misaligned expectations, and expanding budgets. Talemetry’s comprehensive, and proven fixed-fee engagements help ensure organizations get maximum ROI in the shortest time.